The Relation Between Squatting And Colorectal Disease

Are you familiar with colorectal diseases? Together the colon and rectum make up your large intestine. Due to this reason, diseases that affect this area of the body may be called “colorectal” diseases. Colorectal conditions range from common and often treatable problems such as constipation, piles to rare or life-threatening diseases like anal cancer. Each disease has its own special behavior. Like, there are people who believe in squatting. However, it suits… Read More »

Stress- Can be A Primary Reason For Piles Problems !!!

Human life has become miserable and overburdened due to toughest competition and Poor Diets. Out of various physiological and psychological problems, Stress is one of the dominant problem giving birth to other physical disease. What is Stress ??? Stress is taken as the emotional condition when a person is overburdened with the feeling. Although it is more concerned with the psychological condition, but it does affect the physical health as… Read More »

An Insight into Ano Rectal Problems

Rectal area is a pivotal part of the human body. As disposal of waste is crucial to keep our home hygienic and clean, so is the discharge of excreta from our body. We all are cautious about our skin, heart and cholesterol but we forget that rectal area plays a significant role in our overall well being. Peculiarities in our stomach may sometimes lead to rectum and anus disorder. Problems… Read More »

Let’s have a Fresh Start Of Your Day!

How can we avoid the symptoms of Haemorrhoid? Of Course, starting your day with the healthy herbs and rich-fiber supplements will surely bring the positive effect on the whole body. Say no to Coffee or tea! We know, they better help you to freshen up in the morning but it also contains the caffeine. It may also lead to dehydrate the body. Piles sufferer may find the problem while passing… Read More »

Home Remedies for Piles During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a mixed feeling of happiness and worries and being pregnant isn’t an easy ride for a woman. You are happy that you are going to receive the most the precious gift of life i.e. motherhood but, at the same time raging hormones in your body force it to undergo a lot of changes. One of these problems is piles or varicose veins which can be itchy, painful… Read More »

How to avoid piles this summer

Summer is back again! The time of the year we always wait for. With bright sun, BBQ’s are out, summertime is a beautiful season and a great time to enjoy. Some people are planning for their vacations and just think, if this impending fun, however, is ruined by piles? Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels inside the rectum. They can cause pain, itchiness, irritation, and discomfort. Piles can be… Read More »

Some Healthy Supplements May Cause Piles

Summer vacations are just over!! We cooked a lot to taste our bites !! We read the yummy recipes and tried at home!! In fact, we just roamed around the City and enjoyed the fantasies all around. Is it safe for the healthy anal or rectum system? Actually not, Eating and drinking habits affect our stomach and may damage our digestive system. Kick off the parties and say “Hi” to… Read More »

Do you Know, Your Defecating Position could make you suffer from Piles?

Evacuation or defecation is our routine job which helps to flush out the body waste and harmful toxins. Whatever we eat or consume, needs to be digested properly. Morning defecation is the best aim in the morning to start a fresh day. To Make the evacuation proper and better, drinking 2-4 glass of water will surely help to make the bowel movements easy. Apart from the routine work, we are… Read More »

Which Home remedies are effective for piles worldwide?

Piles have become the disaster for our daily life. Every second person can be seen suffering from the piles to some extent. Some may have the grade 1 while some may be suffering from the extreme level of Piles. For grade 1 of piles, home remedies can be effective to cure the piles whereas, for the growing pile’s stage, Treatment will work better. Home remedies will just relieve the pain… Read More »

Effect of Smoking For Piles?

No doubts, Piles is incredibly painful and irritating. people suffering from the piles can be seen living a normal life like others, but actually, they are facing a level of discomfort while sitting, walking or sleeping. Their every moment can be a curse for their life. Piles- A major or common problem which occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Yes, Our lifestyle plays a major role in our healthy life.… Read More »