Change Life Style to Cure Piles

By | June 27, 2018

Piles, also known as Haemorrhoids is a disease that caused due to swelling of veins in and around anus and rectum part of the body. it is highly necessary to live a healthy life for those who are suffering from the issue of piles in order to get rid of discomfort and stress caused due to this disease.

Internal and external are the two types of haemorrhoids that found in people. In internal cases, the symptoms develop inside the anus whereas in external, it develops under the skin around anus. Piles can be controlled or cured if people change their lifestyle and take care of their diet. Small precaution can bring great results for the patient of piles. piles can happen because of following causes like obesity, sedentary lifestyle, liver disease, constipation and diarrhea. It is necessary for the patient of piles to take care of their health and should know all the consequences of this disease.

  1. Sitz bath is one of the most beneficial steps to get relief from pain or itching in the genital area. It is important for people to clean their anal area.
  2. To prevent piles to great extent, digestive system plays an important role. It is good for people to take good amount of liquids or water as it helps to cure the disease quickly and effectively.
  3. Patients should avoid junk & spicy food and go for high fiber diet which includes green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  4. Use moist toilet paper or baby wipes to clean the affected anal area instead of dry paper.
  5. Avoid sitting on toilet and long reading newspapaer or on mobile .
  6. Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee.avoid smoking.

It is highly important for people suffering from piles to consult to a good doctor for proper treatment of this disease. It is always good to see a doctor before problem can increase and lead to worse conditions.