Do you Know, Your Defecating Position could make you suffer from Piles?

By | August 5, 2018

Evacuation or defecation is our routine job which helps to flush out the body waste and harmful toxins. Whatever we eat or consume, needs to be digested properly. Morning defecation is the best aim in the morning to start a fresh day. To Make the evacuation proper and better, drinking 2-4 glass of water will surely help to make the bowel movements easy.

Apart from the routine work, we are somehow impacted by the western style. In India, there was the trend of traditional Toilets which allows the people to sit in the squat Position while making the bowel moments. But western style has somehow affected the defecating process as well. The western toilets are in trend nowadays everywhere in the home, offices, Public places etc. But these western toilets are affecting the human health adversely. 

Our Human body is designed to defecate in the square position only in which ones are closer to the trunk. This position relies on the rectum, puborectalis muscles and thus clear the feces by giving a successful shot of defecation. Indian position of a defection of square position maximizes the efficiency of elimination and thus decreases the chances of constipation and piles thereof.

A squat position is directly helpful for the piles’ improvement, it relaxes the rectum system by curing constipation. Sitting in the western style toilets hinder the elimination by narrowing the ano-rectum. In the short term, no one can measure the side-effects of the western style seats but in the long run, this will increase the risk of constipation. Excessive straining will cause various anal problems such as Piles, Fissure and Fistula. So people looking to cure the anal problems are advised to intake healthy & rich-fiber foods to help the stools be softer. A good digestive system is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Postoperative Piles patients can also go for the same. Although there is an option of indo-western style toilets, again squat position will be better and first choice to cure the anal problems. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and say bye to Piles!!