How to avoid piles this summer

By | August 10, 2018

Summer is back again! The time of the year we always wait for. With bright sun, BBQ’s are out, summertime is a beautiful season and a great time to enjoy. Some people are planning for their vacations and just think, if this impending fun, however, is ruined by piles? Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels inside the rectum. They can cause pain, itchiness, irritation, and discomfort. Piles can be caused by any factor that can make blood vessels enlarge The excessive pressure on blood vessels in and around the rectum can be caused by constipation, dehydration, a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and straining while going to the toilet Here are some tips to avoid piles this summer-

First and the most important thing is to stay hydrated Drink plenty of water, vegetable juices, and fruit juices during hot weather to avoid piles. Dehydration causes constipation, which is one of the primary causes of piles. Constipation makes stool hard and forces you to strain during toilet. It is this straining that can cause piles as it places a lot of pressure on the blood vessels and can cause them to swell. To avoid piles, drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily

Another way to avoid piles is by adding more fiber to your diet Eating a large amount of red meat, can lead to constipation because our stomach finds it difficult to digest. If you have plenty of summer BBQ’s coming up, opt for white meat, fish or vegetable skewers to avoid piles. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you are conscious about your food habit, you can easily avoid piles.

Lose weight if you are overweight as it can increase your risk of developing piles.

Another advice to avoid piles is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps in preventing constipation that can cause hemorrhoids.

So, take some easy steps to avoid piles or hemorrhoids and enjoy the summer as per your plans.

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