Laser Treatments for Piles- Know the Advantages

By | June 27, 2018

Planning a laser Treatment or laser Haemorrhoid surgery to cure painful Haemorrhoids. Changing lifestyles and home remedies are not enough to comfort painful haemorrhoids or piles. When someone has crossed years of discomfort, surgery is the only option to treat the piles. Even surgery is also available in two options and every option has its advantages & disadvantages. Let’s take a read of the painless Laser Surgery for Piles/ Haemorrhoids/ Bavasir.


– Laser Treatments for Piles & Hemorrhoids:

Laser treatments is one of the effective way to treat Grade I – III kind of piles. This is quite famous among all the techniques due to its painless and easy recovery.

Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy:

which is done to treat Gade-IV (serious Piles Status) Hemorrhoids situation. It is done by removing internal Hemorrhoids tissue & pulling prolapse Hemorrhoids back into an anus.

Both treatments are performed under general anaesthesia.

WHY GO FOR LASER Treatments?

There are several reasons for choosing Laser treatments among other treatment options such as;-

  • The process is not too painful, can say it is painless
  • No hospitalization is required. Patient may go back to home same day or within 24 hours
  • Bleeding during surgery is minimal as blood vessels are sealed
  • No medical complications involved.
  • No tissue is damaged
  • Ease the surgeon while operating
  • Healing is faster as comparison
  • Quick and fastest recovery
  • No diet restrictions or lifestyle changes required
  • Can be performed for all age groups.

The doctor is required to wear special goggles for eye protection while using laser .

Laser hemorrhoids surgery is also called laser haemorrhoidopexy /hemorrhoidectomy which is widely used due to low risk involved and effective treatment.