Let’s have a Fresh Start Of Your Day!

By | August 17, 2018

How can we avoid the symptoms of Haemorrhoid? Of Course, starting your day with the healthy herbs and rich-fiber supplements will surely bring the positive effect on the whole body.

Say no to Coffee or tea! We know, they better help you to freshen up in the morning but it also contains the caffeine. It may also lead to dehydrate the body. Piles sufferer may find the problem while passing the stools. So give a Damn Kick to these fluids!!

Why don’t you start your day with the fresh fruits and healthy herbs? The morning fruits & Green Salad will lift up the whole day. Taste Buds may add fried toast accompanied with bacon & lashings of hash browns, mushrooms with sausages. A healthy morning diet will surely reduce the symptoms of the Piles or hemorrhoids. Intaking or consuming 20-30 grams of fiber will help to pull water from the colon and will make the stools softer and easier to pass. People suffering from the Piles may add some mineral oil to morning yogurt which will help the lubricate process even more.

Moving on to Lunch, adding nuts and seeds onto the salad will further increase the intake of the fibre. Say bye to Junk foods!! Keep Your Body hydrated with the Lassi in the day lunch.

Moving towards the evening dinner, Fresh Baked Potatoes will surely replace the Chips. The baked potato associated with the beans will ensure the high amount of fibre with relevant protein.

The Food will not cure the piles or hemorrhoids but it will surely reduce the pain and will ease the stools. For the permanent treatment, Laser treatment under the Expert surgeon will cure the Internal & External Treatments. Take an oath to start your day with the healthy diet rich with essential fibre.

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