Some Healthy Supplements May Cause Piles

By | August 7, 2018

Summer vacations are just over!! We cooked a lot to taste our bites !! We read the yummy recipes and tried at home!! In fact, we just roamed around the City and enjoyed the fantasies all around. Is it safe for the healthy anal or rectum system?

Actually not, Eating and drinking habits affect our stomach and may damage our digestive system. Kick off the parties and say “Hi” to healthy Foods. The time has gone for the fantasies, and take a step for the healthy Lifestyle. Do healthy Foods Not cause any disease?

It just depends on the time and amount you are in taking the meals. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean eating all the time. Likewise, Intaking the right amount also matters. There are some supplements which are used for the benefit of the body. These are Green Tea and Weight Loss Tablets.

  • Green Tea: We know the role of the green tea in our daily life but in taking the green tea too much may cause diarrhea. Yes, Green Tea is a fluid which is used to speed up the metabolism and to help make the regular bowel movements in the summer season. But drinking in excessive amount may cause Diarrhoea. Diarrhea causes irritation to the veins in the wall of the rectum, causing swelling which may form the piles later. Decide the intake of the green tea and drink at right time.
  • Weight Loss Tablets: These tablets are a quick way to lose the excess weight without making any efforts. But all the short term ways are effective for the long run profits. Yes, Weight Loss tablets consist of caffeine which leads to constipation and diarrhea. As we know, constipation and diarrhea both affect the veins of the rectal wall. Pressure placed on the walls of the rectum while making bowel movements may cause swelling and may further lead to occurring of piles.

In both the situations, Piles may cause itching, pain, and discomfort while making any physical activity. Better to seek help from the Piles Expert.