Things To Avoid When You Are Suffering From Piles

By | June 27, 2018

There is a famous phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ which means that it is always easier to stop something at the first stage than taking measures after it has already happened. Therefore it is said that people should take precautionary measures to deal with any disease. One has to change the entire lifestyle to cure any disease. Piles are quite dangerous and at the same time painful too if one does not take necessary precaution to prevent it. In piles, the veins in the anus or lower part of the rectum area get inflamed and swell up that leads to bleeding during bowel movement creating a lot of trouble and discomfort for the patient.

The problem of piles can be external or internal depending on the nature of the problem. In piles, it is highly necessary for patients to avoid various things to control the disease from becoming worst. Here is a list of things that need to be avoided the person suffering from piles:

    • Don’t go for a heavy workout: Exercise is a good habit as it makes you fit and healthy but the person suffering from piles should not go for an extreme workout. They should prevent themselves from lifting or pushing heavy objects because the problematic area in and around the anus becomes weak due to extra pressure on the body. Therefore it is good to do limited exercise for satisfactory results.
    • Avoid Itching: Patients should refrain themselves from itching around the problematic area in piles as it can become more painful. It is good for patients not to touch the area even if they feel pain around the anus.
    • Say No to Caffeine: Taking caffeine in piles is not a good thing as it causes dehydration and can lead to constipation. It is good for patients of piles to cut down the consumption of caffeine or say no to it.
    • Stay Hygienic: It is important for patients to remain hygienic and clean the problematic area properly time to time. It will help them to heal the pain and provide relaxation from discomfort. Here patients need to understand that they should not run the problematic area from cloth or toilet paper, instead they wash the area first and then gently clean with sanitary pads to avoid burning or rashes. Cleaning the area with warm water is always good for them.
    • Don’t take Stress: For an active life, it is important for them to ditch stress and live a cheerful life. Morning and evening walk is highly beneficial for the patients.

Better to avoid certain things in life to get relief from the pain & discomfort of piles!